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Overnight Care for your Pet when Hospitalised.

Bearsted Veterinary Surgery does not normally have staff on the premises 24 hours a day.

However, when we recommend that your pet stays overnight, a bespoke care plan will be put in place.

The care plan will take into consideration your pet's individual needs. If regular assessments of your pet are needed, then a rota of overnight checks will be carried out, by either the veterinary surgeon, or a member of the veterinary nursing team (who has immediate access to the veterinary surgeon if any concerns are raised).

If you would prefer your pet to be hospitalised overnight with staff on the premises at all times, then your pet will need to be transferred to PETS at Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital and brought back to us the following morning. 

Please feel free to discuss the options for your pet with our veterinary surgeons at any time. 

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