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When facing the loss of a much-loved pet you may experience a range of emotions which can make decision making difficult.  With this in mind we have outlined the services we offer you so that all options can be thought about in advance, in your own time.

Having a clear plan of your wishes can make the experience more bearable and we are here to discuss any questions you may have at any time.


Most euthanasia is carried out at the surgery, but it can also be possible to pre-arrange a visit to your house (prices vary according to distance).  We try to accommodate as many visit requests as possible but please be aware that this service may not always be available. Our receptionists can help with these arrangements.  Of course we are always able to see you at our Bearsted premises.

What happens?

A consent form will need to be signed, then a vet and nurse team will put your pet to sleep.  You can choose whether to stay with your pet for this, or may prefer to say goodbye before hand.  Family members are welcome to attend but the experience can be more distressing for children.
After the euthanasia you are welcome to have some private time with your pet, there is no rush to leave.

What are the options afterwards?

Private cremation  -  your much-loved pet can be individually cremated and ashes returned to you  7-14 days.  There are a lovely range of caskets and urns to select, examples can be seen at the surgery so please ask a nurse to show them to you at any time. 
A scatter tube is also an option, allowing you to scatter the ashes in your pet's favourite place.  The crematorium collect and deliver from our surgery so you will not need to arrange transport.  We use Cambridge Pet Crematorium (CPC), further details of the company can be found at

Communal cremation – your companion will be cremated with other pets and a token of ash is memorialised in their Garden of Remembrance.  The ashes will not be returned to you.

Home burial – your pet can be wrapped in a blanket to take home, or we recommend the Farewell Dear Pet Garden Package as a more comforting option.  We can place your pet into a biodegradable coffin for home burial or the pack can be taken and assembled at home.  The package includes a soft bedding liner, a packet of forget-me-not seeds and a candle.  The choice is between a wood effect look, or white. The white package is specifically designed with children in mind and can be personalised at home with felt tips and stickers (included). 

Finally, if you would like us to take a clipping of your pets fur for you to keep, or make an ink print of a paw print then we are also happy to do so.   

Hopefully this information will give you a clear picture and help clarify your final wishes for this important member of the family.

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